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Starting the work

During the formation of the Blockchain Development market, it was decided to set up a company named WinteX to focus on the area.

Since we started conducting our business within the Blockchain field, a variety of complex Blockchain large volume orders were the first to appear. Although the crypto world witnessed the bear market and it’s not as hyped anymore, there are quite a few trusted projects awesome to work on and raise awareness about out there.

We follow trends, search new market niches, technologies and fields to develop, and always keep the track.

If you are searching for a team able to provide you with advanced high-tech solutions, WinteX is exactly what you need.


Company’s features

A healthy mixture of youth and experience. Calmness and responsiveness when solving business challenges. A powerful brainstorm included.

An impeccable skill of analysing any project within a few minutes. Literally. We also provide solutions and cost optimization for your businesses.

Most suitable tools within the budget.

A deep respect for the deadlines and agreements set. And we expect this from you, too. ;)

We work only with similar guys


Lessons learned

Over the years, we have developed expertise in the following fields:

—Fintech Projects. Crowdfunding platforms, exchangers and exchanges, accounting systems, personal accounts

— Mobile Apps Backend Development

— E-money. Payment Systems.

— Highload Projects. Microservices, data processing and scoring

— Whatever best for trading. Trading bots, arbitration and many more

— Marketplaces. Gambling. Chat-bots

— Cryptocurrencies. Tokens. Processing


Years in Web Development

WinteX focuses on your wishes and preferences.


Implemented Projects

A great variety of cases from chatbots to cryptocurrency platforms.


World-class experts on the team

A well-managed team ready to solve your business challenges.



We offer a large choice of IT services and guarantee high quality of work. All projects are under the Rule Books, with the settings being documented. The task implementation is supervised by our Devs Team Lead.

iconStart-up Counseling

Have an idea? The comprehensive approach we apply covers all the project stages: from a business idea to its implementation and further promotion.

iconAnalysis and Demands Aggregation

The pre-project study helps choose a development strategy and check if it’s pertinent enough to launch the product.

iconDeveloping Technical Assignment

A clearly stated TA is the basics of understanding the timescales and areas of responsibilities between the parties concerned.

iconWeb Services and Mobile Apps

Software development for all kinds of devices (desktop, mobile, tablet etc.).

iconSecurity Audit

We compile a list of system vulnerabilities and prepare recommendations for its addressing. We also ensure the protection of personal data and financial assets of your clients.

iconTechnical Support

Ensuring stable operation of your Web-resource after the launch.


A reliable team of professionals. WinteX enables full implementation of the technical side of your project.

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